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Motion Pacific produced The FreeWay Project for Roger Hall of Surfline Surfboards. Roger wanted a video that would take his surfboard innovation and quality proposition out to the world. The approach we took was to create ‘branded content’ that has been picked up and promoted by a range of influential surf portals such as The Inertia and Pacific Longboarder.  

We have enjoyed a long standing video production relationship with Surfline Surfboards. Delivering video via the internet has worked well for Roger’s business because it has enabled him to engage a very targeted audience over a long period of time.

Here’s two of our earlier online videos for Surfline:

And here’s what Roger had to say about the 2008 R&D video:  “I heard recently that the video has been posted on Swaylocks and that there is some very good discussion on the video as well as Roger Hall and Surfline.  Swaylocks is the biggest surfboard design discussion forum on the web so the video is continuing to push me into far broader exposure than I normally would have got. Looking at the places where the video has gone I feel that I am getting worldwide recognition and that I have a presence in surfing in a global sense.  Once again the effort you put into making an excellent video – which excites and stimulates people, seems to be the key factor for all this exposure”. – Roger Hall, Surfline Custom Surfboards Limited, Ruakaka, Northland.